Thursday, December 25, 2008

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here we go folks...keep you eyes open for one of these!

Monday, December 22, 2008

the performances...

Mobile mania: here we present our humorous take on the cellular epidemic that has engulfed the society today. Our satirical depiction aims to show the extent of our hypocrisy and cellular phone dependency today. As usual, we can’t but help see the funny side to it. But what is of essence is the undertone of the mime, for as usual once again, we but can’t help ask a few questions as well. Our world sure did change the day the words rang out loud and clear, करलो दुनियाँ मुट्ठी में, too bad that it wasn’t precisely the way the we thought it would change.

Cell phone freaks! That’s what we are!

Chor Murti, Murti Chor: welcome to the world of nonsense. This one is an absolute humor mela, nothing short of a laugh fest. When two street smart thieves (chindi chors) are put in the same world as a policewallah, a victimized idealist man, two school children with a fly (makhhi) as the main catalyst character, pandemonium breaks loose. And so does laughter!

Dream-chaser: the main event, this particular performance is the central image of the vision of the world that we bring to you. A world of aspirations and success, of loneliness and companionship, of despairing poverty and wealth, of villages and cities, of tyrannical and draconian social structures, of chaos and anarchy and mindless violence that defeats all sense of rationality. This is a world that we have tilled with the sweat from our brows and then again burnt to the ground with the flames of our hate and ignorance. We take a look at the journey of our protagonist ‘M’ through this world and see it from his eyes as he realizes that not every chase leads to the top and not every pursuit fulfills one’s dreams. His perspective leads us through the labyrinths of life and to the edge of the social chaos on whose fine edge we have balanced our existence.

Questions are asked, but none answered as reality unfolds itself out of the rosy cloak of blind ambition and draconian power. We are here to simply show you what we see of our world. Give you our perspective. If you want the answers,

"introspect and think for yourself!"

the first look...

For its first look, Silent Call!, presents a show with three mimes.

...A triumvirate of silent introspection that asks questions of us, making us divulge into the recesses of our minds and hearts and seek the answer that we all know, but are unable to speak up, the reason of which is ‘to each his/her own’...

But it’s not always about asking questions with unmentionable answers, is it? No. There is more to life than just shades of gray. There is a vivacity of colors and an explosion of images that help us celebrate life on a daily basis. There is sarcasm and wit, and then there is humor. We all need a good laugh from time to time. And we folks at Silent Call! (a nautanki paltan in full song) most certainly know how to share a good joke said aloud in our mimic style...

Visionnement heureux ! Ayez l'amusement !


Friday, December 19, 2008

the toughest act is simply to 'begin'...

“कहने को तोह बहुत है हमारे पास, बोलने को शब्द अनेक आवाज़ हमारे वाणी की जैसे दिल से निकली एक चीख मगर बिन उपयोग किए शब्द जो निशब्द वाणी से हम कह सके, उसी में हमारी जीत।“

...As a group of individuals we have a certain direction and a holistic perspective that we present to the world through our activities. It may not be a likable and a perfect vision that is at all times conformist, but it is nevertheless what we see and what we perceive of our world through our many eyes. Many of the things of life we miss out on, while some we are taught to ignore, but then there are a few instances of life that we speak up for and against, through our dramatics, humour and nautanki to remind people that though ‘Life’ is of myriad hues and although the perspectives are different, in essence it is still the same.

The task is not a tough one, just a walk along a redundant and an over-accomplished route towards reaching out to the world as it is and to share our perspective of the same world.

But what matters is that it is a journey that we at are all embarking on together...

...welcome to the blog!